Complete Managed IT Services

Managed Services: 24/7 IT Monitoring and Alerting | NETtrak PIttsburgh IT Company

24/7 Monitoring

System health checks along with 24/7 alerting allows us to make sure your systems are working effectively.

Managed Services: Commercial BitDefender Anti-Virus Securty and Protection | NETtrak PIttsburgh IT Company

Anti-Virus Protection

Managed Anti-Virus allows us to maintain the latest virus definitions, run automated scans, and quarantine malicious software.

Managed Services: Scheduled IT Diagnostics | NETtrak PIttsburgh IT Company

Scheduled Maintenance

After hours, our software runs Windows Disk Cleanups, Defragments, Patches (updates), and other diagnostics so your systems run at optimal performance.

Managed Services: Remote Support & Troubleshooting | NETtrak PIttsburgh IT Company

Remote Service

Allow our technicians to remotely access and repair problems quickly without having to wait for a tech to arrive.

Managed Services: Data Backup Solutions Local & Cloud | NETtrak PIttsburgh IT Company

Data Backup Solutions

We securely (encrypted) backup your data to the cloud and configure local solutions.  Don’t lose sleep over the thought of your data being compromised.

Managed Services: On-site Computer Repair and Services | NETtrak PIttsburgh IT Company

On-site Service

When hardware breaks, we will be there to fix or replace.  We consult with your tech vendors so you don’t have to speak their language.

Everything is covered in our End Point Protection Plan.

NETtrak focuses on providing the Pittsburgh area with Managed IT Services for small to medium sized organizations and businesses.

NETtrak's Solution for an Affordable VOIP Phone System

Take your business to the next level with fully integrated unified communications.

Camera Installation & Configuration

In addition to Managed IT Services, NETtrak can secure your on-site location with surveillance cameras that you can view remotely.